Hustle ✝ Heart 33

Inspiring the next generation to embody the hustle ✝ heart of number 33, Lil Mac

What we stand for

The Hustle ✝ Heart 33 organization allows students to reach their potential on and off the court, display kindness and have a strong impact on the community.

The Hustle  ✝ Heart 33 organization exists to share and continue to expand the reach of the story of Mackenzie Forrest’s life. The focus on her Hustle (passion) + Heart (compassion) and how they can be instilled by others in their daily lives result in setting one apart from others.

Hustle: Passion & Vision

The sound of a basketball hitting the pavement was the daily metronome for Mackenzie Forrest. She demonstrated passion through her relentless drive to improve her craft daily. Meticulous at improving skills on and off the court. The insatiable drive for improvement is women into the personal fabric.

We honor Lil Mac's life by showing and identifying that we all can stand out in our lives by our passion for daily improving as a person and a basketball player. We are showing kindness on and off the court.

Our mission

Heart: Kindness & Love

Compassion embodies a heart to serve the community around you and show those around you that they are loved, accepted, and belong.

Hustle and heart is contagious, and when you give from your heart, kindness will flow—kindness matters in our family, friends, teammates, classrooms, and community.

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