Kindness Matters Foundation Games

2023 Foundation Games
November 18 at Lakewood HS

Ralston Valley Mustangs vs D'Evelyn Jaguars- 2 PM 
*8th Grade - D’Evelyn Jaguars vs Green Mountain Rams - 3:30 PM
Green Mountain Rams vs Lakewood Tigers- 5 PM


Today’s youth experience numerous issues from online bullying, negative body images, social and emotional pressures, unhealthy social media exposure, and more.  Hustle & Heart 33 was created to honor the memory of Mackenzie Forrest.  It was her HUSTLE  combined with her enormous HEART that compelled family and friends to start a foundation aimed at honoring students that used these two strong characteristics to combat the social ills facing students today.

We will be hosting an annual Kindness Matters Foundation Game fundraising event surrounded by a passion of Mackenzie’s – basketball.  Four high school girls basketball teams will be playing with the hope of extending the mission and vision of this Foundation.